Shoreham Harbour Growth Point

Development and implementation strategy


BBP was commissioned to continue work on a development and implementation strategy for Shoreham Harbour. This has involved assessing the strategic role of the Port and its future potential within the economic growth prospects for the wider sub-region, making recommendations with regard to the development potential and associated infrastructure requirements, influencing planning policy issues and proposing appropriate delivery structures.


BBP is working with project partners (including three local authorities, SEEDA, HCA and the Shoreham Port Authority) to bring forward development in the area. BBP led on the preparation of supporting documents for a Growth Point application and in 2008 Shoreham Harbour was awarded provisional Growth Point Status. This supporting work included a review of the socio-economic context and formulation of a draft economic development strategy.


This has presented a compelling case for accelerated, additional economic and housing growth and highlighted how proposals would fit with local and regional policy agendas. BBP is also leading on a number of strategic documents to support the production of an Area Action Plan for Shoreham Harbour, including a tariff framework strategy to address the role of developer contributions.