Shepshed town centre

Masterplan and delivery framework


BBP Regeneration led a team of consultants preparing a masterplan and delivery framework for the regeneration of Shepshed town centre.  The first part of our work drew upon socio-economic and property market research, retail capacity studies, and urban design studies to confirm that the town centre was primarily declining due to the stronger economic and amenity offer from neighbouring Loughborough.


Working closely with urban design practice Wei Yang & Partners, we carried out broad options appraisal and community engagement to prepare a masterplan that took account of the practical needs and lifestyles of Shepshed’s residents.  We then analysed funding availability, key landholdings and undertook stakeholder consultations to ensure that our delivery framework was underpinned by strong understanding of the opportunities, constraints and local needs.  The final framework identified a preferred option for the town, as well as core themes to focus intervention activity and we provided a comprehensive list of pragmatic and deliverable interventions targeted to reverse the recent decline, despite tough economic conditions. These ranged in scale from low cost actions for individual retailers through to planning policy proposals and marketing initiatives through to ambitious land assembly, redevelopment and public realm works.


Although some aspects of the regeneration must be led by the Borough and County Councils, we advised on governance and management for each of the proposed interventions to suggest different business and funding models, responsibilities, timescales and risk mitigation measures.  These drew upon Shepshed’s community as an asset to be recognised, allowing initiatives to be led by its Town Team where appropriate.