Romford Town Centre

Development Framework


BBP Regeneration led a multi-disciplinary team to prepare a Development Framework to guide the future development of this important town centre, the fourth-largest in London. As well as being Havering’s main retail destination, Romford is as an important office location, a significant leisure destination and, increasingly, a residential centre.  Nonetheless, the town centre is facing increased competition from neighbouring centres, and the Council is keen to develop a policy framework to guide the future of the town centre, ensuring that it fulfils its potential and remains competitive.


Engagement with key stakeholders gave rise to six strategic objectives, recognising Romford’s social, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges.  Planning policy recommendations were made to inform the future revision of local planning policy, at both a town-wide and character area level.  The team considered options for each key development opportunity site, informed by urban design considerations, property market conditions and engineering constraints.  Viability assessment informed the preparation of a delivery plan, addressing phasing and funding issues, including securing the delivery of new social infrastructure to support higher density of development.


The resulting Framework establishes significant potential for growth – delivering thousands of new homes and jobs, attracting more shoppers and leisure visitors to spend more of their money, and to capitalise on property demand and value growth driven by the arrival of Crossrail.  The Romford Town Centre Development Framework was shortlisted as a finalist in the category “Planning for Housing Growth” at the National Planning and Placemaking Awards 2016.

Images courtesy of Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design