Perth City

Town centre masterplan


BBP Regeneration was part a multidisciplinary team commsissioned to create a cohesive Strategic Vision Masterplan, intended to assist in providing comprehensive and detailed framework to inform potential investors of market opportunities, design considerations and constraints which will support and encourage development of specific areas of the city and key strategic sites.


As part of this commission we identified the key development sites within Perth City Centre.  The  development  potential  of  these  sites  required  to  be  assessed  in  relation  to  key sector and growth opportunities and required infrastructure improvement to increase accessibility  to  and  from  the  city  centre  and  employment  and  residential  areas  and connectivity  to  the  city  hinterland,  river  and  countryside. It was particularly important to identify the nature and extent of any public sector land holdings as these could provide important levers to influence future redevelopment.

We undertook a property market review of the city centre and surrounding property market to identify supply and demand trends in key sectors of the economy. The objective was be to establish sectors where there is demand for development, in which locations this demand lies and the associated values that could be achieved. Specific  consideration  was given  in  respect  of  potential  for  development  of  housing,  tourist  accommodation, student accommodation and cultural uses and their development costs and values to establish market opportunity. As part of our review of development opportunities we considered the viability of the identified sites from a market perspective and in terms of aspects such as ownership and exiting use/occupation that will impact on development potential and timing.


The Strategic Vision Masterplan summary document was prepared to inform future development  plans  and  supplementary  planning guidance.  The  report  provided  a concise  and  comprehensive  package  of  material  on  which  the  next  steps  of  the delivery can be based. An  outline  delivery  mechanism and funding strategy was  proposed  that  to  take  the  Strategic  Vision  Masterplan forward  towards  successful delivery.