Folkestone Seafront

Estate management


Folkestone Seafront is planned as a self-contained quarter incorporated into the existing townscape and urban framework of Folkestone. The development is to be inclusive and provide a safe, secure and clean environment. Well-structured estate management arrangements will be required to maintain a high quality built environment, the public areas and infrastructure.


BBP were appointed by the Folkestone Seafront Company to develop estate management arrangements which needed to be put in place to ensure the long- term stewardship of the development. Our work considered the range of issues which needed to addressed and proposed a number of activities which needed to be undertaken to finalise an estate management plan and an exit strategy for the development company. The publicly accessible areas including the harbour, the harbour arm and related structures and the beach were distinctive features requiring special attention.


Our work was to advise the Board why it is necessary to consider estate management arrangements/structures at an early stage in the masterplan/design process,  which areas require managing and which structures would need to be put in place for each of these, the scope of financial planning which would be required and overarching governance and management arrangements which would need to be put in place.