Dover Town Centre Regeneration Steams Ahead

Business Planning with the Coalfields Regeneration Trust

BBP Regeneration has been appointed by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to undertake a ‘critical friend’ role helping the Trust to prepare a new business plan. The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is dedicated to supporting coalfield communities to become sustainable to a point where they prosper, are viable, and are cohesive without support. The Government has committed funding for the period 2011 – 2015 on the understanding that a business plan is agreed that will build on the Trust’s current investment activities, deliver new initiatives and also develop a business model that will enable the Trust to become a self funded body post 2015.

BBP provides advice on Enterprise Zone proposals

Jointly with Shared Intelligence, BBP Regeneration has been providing advice to a number of LEPs who are developing Enterprise Zone proposals.The Black Country was identified as a Wave 1 location for an Enterprise Zone and we have been working with the LEP to develop their proposal. This has involved a detailed assessment of potential sites to consider economic impacts (jobs and new businesses), deliverability, ‘cost’ in terms of business rate relief and strategic fit with LEP priorities.
BBP and Si have also been working with the East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock LEP to independently appraise a number of sites proposed as potential Enterprise Zones. This work has enabled us to develop a strong understanding of both evolving Government thinking relating to Enterprise Zones and how this interfaces with practical issues ‘on the ground’.

BBP appointed to advise on St Austell Cable Car

BBP Regeneration has been commissioned by Eco-Bos, the developers of the ecotown in St Austell, Cornwall to undertake a review of the viability of a cable car. Initial plans are based on a route of up to 10km linking a number of destinations and settlements including the Eden Project. The cable car offers a sustainable and innovative form of transportation and a significant tourism attraction which can boost employment and growth in this part of Cornwall. Initially BBP will be undertaking a project review to consider demand, financial performance and risks. The purpose is to help Eco-Bos and its local partners consider whether there is a deliverable project and to identify the next steps leading to the preparation of a business plan.

BBP sponsors Big Society Conference

BBP Regeneration is sponsoring Sustainable Communities 2010, Building the Big Society Conference and Exhibition on Thursday 11th November 2010. The conference, organised by GovToday, will examine the priorities for the Big Society agenda, with speakers from the forefront of public policy and best practice case studies from across the UK.

Queenborough and Rushenden Retrofit for the Future – Update

Earlier this year BBP and partners were awarded funding through the Retrofit for the Future initiative to retrofit two properties owned by Amicus Horizon in Queenborough and Rushenden on the Isle of Sheppey. Retrofit for the Future is an initiative supported by the Technology Strategy Board and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, kick-starting the retrofit market and associated UK businesses.Construction is underway to implement a range of measures that will deliver up to 80% carbon reductions for each property on an annual basis. The first property has been completed and contains a number of measures including extensive insulation to walls, floor and roof, micro-CHP, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery, as well as an innovative building control system supplied by Wattbox. The second property, now nearing completion, has many of the same technologies but the heat is supplied through the introduction of a wood pellet stove and boiler located in the living room.
The properties will be measured for performance before, during and after the retrofit for a period of 2 years to establish the precise performance of all the technologies introduced. The project will provide valuable data and information as well as practical lessons for the wider Queenborough and Rushenden sustainable retrofit programme and for places elsewhere across the UK.
BBP Regeneration has acted as project manager throughout the works and is now working with a range of partners to take forward a comprehensive approach to developing more resource efficient environments. For more information please contact Shannon Kelley on 0207 307 7000

BBP Appointed to Prepare Delivery Framework for Ashford’s Southern Expansion Quarter

Ashford’s Future has commissioned a consultant team led by BBP Regeneration including LDA Design, CampbellReith and Shared Intelligence to prepare a Delivery Framework for Ashford’s Southern Expansion Quarter (SEQ).Ashford has a vision to create a vibrant, sustainable town for residents and business with an ambitious £2.5 billion development strategy which will see the town benefit from 28,000 new jobs and 31,000 new homes.
The SEQ is will play an important part in these growth plans and is situated just south of the existing town centre and in close proximity to Ashford International Station.
The area includes Victoria Way, a new road linking the station to south Ashford, which will open up investment opportunities and improve travel choices. Work began in spring 2010, funded through £16.5m Community Infrastructure Funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government and Department for Transport and is due for completion in spring 2011.

The major sites within the SEQ are currently under-utilised with a number of disparate land parcels.

The purpose of the Delivery Framework is to therefore identify a clear implementation strategy for the comprehensive development of the SEQ, to ensure early economic redevelopment of the area, and to provide an evidence base to support policy which will be used as material consideration for future planning applications.

The Framework has an important role to play in setting a clear vision for the area, enhancing delivery certainty amongst key stakeholders, facilitating public sector and other inward investment, providing guidance to Ashford Borough Council for the preparation of policy and a framework against which planning applications can be assessed. The Delivery Framework will therefore be an important tool to promote and guide development of the SEQ in forthcoming years.

The project will assess the viability of a range of potential development options for the SEQ area, and the practical steps needed to bring forward development along with a range of supporting infrastructure. It will examine the market potential, site planning issues and the position of landowners and other stakeholders with an interest in the future of this area. As such ongoing liaison with both public and private sector stakeholders will be important, to help develop a comprehensive ‘buy-in’ of a holistic regeneration strategy. The Framework will set out recommendations for a viable preferred development option that will seek to balance competing demands, but will ultimately strive to raise the bar in terms of urban design, sustainability and values.

BBP appointed to the Homes and Communities Agency’s Property Panel

BBP Regeneration have been appointed to the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) Property Consultancy Panel as part of Lambert Smith Hampton’s team. This panel can also be used by the HCA’s partners and will provide a range of property services, including Property Consultancy, Agency, Estate Management, Investment Advice and Lead Consultancy. BBP Regeneration will provide the following specialist advice;- Housing delivery strategies sustainable development
– Financial and funding advice
– Commercial advice
– Delivery options and investment portfolios
– Delivery models and public private partnerships
– Investment advise relating to housing and or mixed use schemes

Our appointment to the panel confirms the quality of work carried out for the HCA to date.